Disney now owns Star Wars, a new hope?


Disney owning Star Wars might sound like a bad situation, but there’s a slim chance it could be the best thing ever.

It hit me recently that the number of people that didn’t grown up with Star Wars is becoming fewer and fewer every year. Whether it be first generation of Star Wars kids, of which I include myself, or the latest generation that knows Star Wars as a six-movie series…plus a cartoon, plus a bunch of video games, plus…well, you know the rest. Since 1977, Star Wars has been seeped into nook and cranny of pop culture, there’s been almost no escaping it. For those of us that have been there since (near) the beginning, it has been hard watching Star Wars go through changes…from a humble, B-quality sci-fi film to an international, billion-dollar franchise. To say I’ve gotten tired of Star Wars is a bit of an understatement and that makes me sad. However, the recent sale of all things Star Wars to Disney doesn’t have me crying any harder.

Don’t feel bad, George, we’re all tired

George Lucas has decided he wants to retire. To be honest, I don’t blame him. Despite the other films he’s been involved with along the way, like Indiana Jones, the man has been living, eating and breathing Star Wars for more than 40 years. I can only imagine how tired you get after dealing with the same crap for 40 years. Yeah, he’s made a lot of money doing it but I guess I just don’t blame him. So when it’s time to cash out, he sells the whole kitandkaboodle to Disney. I know to many, Disney is the evil empire but if you ask me the change from the Lucas-owned multimedia company to the Disney multimedia company will be minimal. They’re both international brands that are parents to hundreds of characters that find themselves in movies and on toy shelves all over the world. It’s not like Lucas sold out or something, heck, he did that a long, long time ago.

Oh the possibilities

I don’t think Disney will ruin Star Wars. Lucas and Disney have been partners many times in the past so they’re both quite familiar with each other. If anything, Disney will push Star Wars further and further down our throats, pumping out more cartoons, movies and everything in between. If you thought the world was saturated with Star Wars already, I don’t think we’ve seen anything yet. And with all that, I might be tired of the toys, the costumes and the re-release action figures, but one rumor that came out of all this really had me smiling…a new Star Wars movie.

For many, hearing the possibility of a seventh Star Wars movie will result in nothing but eye rolling. I understand that and a little bit of me agrees but I have to admit that the possibility of a movie that continues after Return of the Jedi has me pretty excited. Now I’ve also heard rumors that any new movie would be an original story with new characters, but I hope that’s not the case, and let me tell you why.

For the majority of my life, Star Wars was a trilogy. It was the story of Luke Skywalker discovering his heritage and becoming a Jedi. From whiney kid in the desert to one-handed, lightsaber wielding badass in the desert, we learned and loved every minute of it. I even remember skipping school to see the “special edition” re-releases of all three of those films. Seeing those films (again) on the big screen was truly awesome and not a moment I’ll soon forget. In short, I was a happy Star Wars fan. But then in 1999 something happened that changed it all…they made new Star Wars movies.

At first, hearing about Episode I was an incredible thing. I mean, come on, it was Star Wars and could do no wrong…or so we thought. I stood in line for almost 24-hours hours just to get tickets for Phantom Menace. I was just another fan that couldn’t wait to be part of the magic but then we actually saw the movie…and then two more…and what we saw was the transformation of our childhood devotion. The three prequels focused on the evolution of Anakin Skywalker into Darth Vader, thus changing the original three movies at the same time. The movies that were originally about Luke Skywalker instantly turned into a story about Darth Vader. All six movies tell the complete story of Anakin/Vader from near-birth to death. That’s great and all, but what happened to Luke?! I invested my heart and soul into that original story and I’ve been left hanging for more than 25 years. I think it’s about time we finally found what happens next.

Luke Skywalker

Remember this guy? I wonder what happened to him?

Continue the legacy, don’t ignore it

Sure, I’ve heard things and read a few things about what could happen next. There have been numerous books and comics that take the story beyond Return of the Jedi, but in my opinion, if it ain’t a movie it didn’t happen. Han and Leia getting married? Didn’t happen. Jedi twins? Never born. Luke to the Dark Side? Not yet. All of these are questions that have been thrown out there yet we’ve never been shown the true story. In all this talk about a new Star Wars movie, it has been hoping that they continue the story that I first fell in love with, with the characters that I wanted to be.

I might be dreaming of a continued Star Wars story, but if I was a betting man, I’d say that Disney will create a brand new story within the Star Wars universe. For one, it means they can play it safe in regards to existing movies, books and comics. They don’t want to piss off the long-time, hardcore fans. Second, a whole bunch of new characters means a whole bunch of new merchandise. Darth Vader, Obi-Wan and the droids will continue to sell so why not give them some company in the form of new Jedis and evil galactic villains? The more the merrier, right? I don’t think so, but whatchagonnado?

Some people might think Disney will ruin Star Wars, but I ask those people, how will it get ruined? How can Star Wars be ruined any more? However unlikely it may be, Disney has a chance to make a new Star Wars movie that can get both old and new fans excited. Will they do that? I doubt it, but if that ends up being the case then Star Wars won’t be any more ruined than I already feel it is. Disney isn’t the end…it’s chance for a new beginning. Let’s just hope they make the right choice.


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