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Halloween is just around the corner.  If you’re unsure about what outfit you’d like to wear on October 31st, there are many popular choices that are sure to make the other kids jealous and ensure that the maximum amount of candy is acquired.

harry-potter-hogworts-costumeOne of the most popular recent phenomena has been the Harry Potter franchise. Appropriately, there are Harry Potter Halloween costumes for people of all ages. Dressing up as your favorite witch or wizard from Hogwarts is guaranteed to be a success. And hey, if Gryffindor isn’t your thing, there are plenty of Slytherin costumes to go around.

After movies like Batman and Robin, superhero films became less popular and were made less frequently.

In recent years, the genre has been revitalized and their popularity is as strong as it has ever been. Two of the more popular superhero franchises are Spiderman and the new Batman films. Sure, dressing up like the Joker from The Dark Knight was a little overdone last year, but there are plenty of Spiderman and Batman costumes that are less played, but just as fun.

pokemon-halloween-costumeFor even more ideas, you don’t need to look much farther than your favorite TV show or Pixar movie. Pokemon is an excellent show, as pretty much any character would make a fantastic Halloween costume. Toy Story and Wall-E have also been huge successes and are filled with characters that would be fun to dress up as.

Just remember that there are plenty of costumes out there, other than the typical ones. Ghosts, vampires, and the like are fun, but if you’re looking for something different, just use your imagination.

Dressing up for Halloween isn’t all about looking the scariest. It’s more about having fun and expressing yourself in creative ways. Look at your favorite TV shows or movies for inspiration. They are Halloween costumes waiting to happen.


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