Scott Pilgrim Wins Graphic Novels: A Review of the Scott Pilgrim Series


Every so often I come across a comic series so brilliant that I can’t help but tell everyone about it. Right now that series is Scott Pilgrim. However, there are two hesitations that come along with talking about the Scott Pilgrim series. First, it is definitely for kids past 13 years or at least old enough to handle mild adult situations and language. There isn’t extreme language, but it can get rough in spots. Secondly, the series isn’t completed yet. There are currently five volumes out, though the sixth and final volume isn’t due until July of this year (you can preorder it on Amazon though). If those two points seem fine with you, read on.

I wish I were as cool as Scott Pilgrim.

Scott Pilgrim is 23-years-old and totally awesome. I know this because the book told me so. He lives with a gay roommate in a one-bedroom apartment. He doesn’t have a job, but he’s in a band called Sex Bob-omb. At the beginning of the first volume he is dating a high schooler (nothing naughty though). Also, it turns out he’s the best fighter in the city. I’ll get back to that in a second.

Completely Original Yet Familiar

Basically, the series is for anyone that loves video games and “nerd” culture a whole lot. Characters can enter sub-space, a location referenced in Super Mario Bros 2. Every so often Scott levels up or obtains a video game-related item, such as an extra life. And in my favorite panel from volume five, he wins his birthday.

For some reason I couldn't stop laughing at this.

The main plot revolves around a girl named Ramona Flowers entering Scott’s dreams one night. He starts to see her in real life and convinces her to date him. The first volume deals with him trying to get her interested in him and plays out like a fun teen-dramedy of sorts with Scott inviting Ramona to a gig his band has, forgetting that his current girlfriend will also be there. And then some guy busts through the ceiling and starts fighting Scott, to which his friends remark that Scott happens to be the best fighter in the area as he goes for the air juggle. Suddenly the series goes from relatively normal to absolutely fantastic, just because it adds that level of ridiculousness that many gamers wish real life had.

What makes the plot progress further is the condition Scott must satisfy before he can date Ramona: He must defeat her seven evil ex-boyfriends, all of which are stronger than the last. Each volume centers around a new challenger, as well as real-life problems Scott faces, such as getting a job. With a plot like that, I feel shame I didn’t come up with it sooner.

My friends and I did this once, but it may have been a dream.

I can’t recommend this series enough to the type of readers that’ll truly enjoy it. You can easily blast through all five current volumes in an afternoon, so it would make a great checkout from your local library. Oh, and stay tuned for the live-action movie coming out in August of this year starring Michael Cera as Scott Pilgrim. Should be good. In any case, check out the first volume for under $10. You really shouldn’t deny yourself this pleasure.

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