Scrabble Slam! Hasbro Quickens the Classic Game


scrabble-slamScrabble Slam! blends the intellectual challenge of Scrabble with the fast pace of SlapJack.  In Scrabble Slam! each player is trying to change the four letter word on the table faster than the other guy and accumulate more points while trying to get rid of all the cards held in hand.

Many of the same rules apply in Scrabble Slam! which made Scrabble so much fun. If there is no word you can create out of what you have, there is always the option to try and trick your opponents into believing you know something they don’t.

But watch out! They can still break out the dictionary and rain on your parade, then again if they’re wrong they get penalized so there’s a chance for your “squabblet” to pass through undetected.

Hasbro states the age range 8 and up. Following the rules of this kids card game this would be appropriate, however rules are meant to be broken and play can be slowed down a bit to make room for the up and coming spellers in the house to take part too.

My son has become a better speller recently which makes playing Scrabble Slam! more fun for the whole family each time we play. He gets a little faster each time we play and I feel pretty good about having fun and watching him develop such good reading habits.


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  1. how do you st up the card game? do you deal all the cards? do you take turns or is this game like a game of speed? never played it without my ds srabble game

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