Screature is a Dinosaur Lover’s Dream



Products like the Screature Interactive Dinosaur bring me back to early ’90s, when the movie Jurassic Park was released. After that, dinosaur toys were everywhere. Every kid at school loved the movie and loved dinosaurs. And if there were toys like the Screature when I was was that age, anybody that had it would be the most popular kid in class.

Complete with infrared sensors and lifelike sounds, this dinosaur is as close to the real thing as a child can get. Using the sensors, it detects whether those close to it are friend or prey. If it gets the wrong impression, it will attack.


But not to worry, attacking amounts to just snapping its teeth, unfolding its neck frills, and squirting water at the would-be victims, so nothing dangerous is going on.

By petting the dinosaur in certain spots, it decides if it should remain calm or attack. By understanding where to pet the Screature, kids will have fun knowing they can control and tame the “beast.”Setting it up as a miniature attack dog or loyal companion is half the fun.

The only problem that I have heard of with the toy is that sometimes the water won’t squirt out, so it might be worth holding onto the receipt just in case. But either way, this is a cool little toy with a lot of potential for fun. When I was a kid, all the attacking had to be done manually and usually amount to smashing two action figures together. But with its own actions and sound effects, the Screature will be a great treat for any dinosaur lover in the family.


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