The best toys: building blocks


When parents and babysitters want to know what are the best toys in the world,  the discussion should start with building blocks.  There are no more basic toys than blocks.  These wooden and plastic cubes, rectangles and triangles may seem boring to adults.  However,  to children they are, quite literally, the basic building blocks to children’s imaginations.

Kids of all ages are entranced by blocks.  Babies gaze at them with perplexed and almost mystical looks, and toddlers delight in crashing through a simple wall of delicately balanced walls.  When kids get older, they really get going with elaborate towers, fanciful creatures, and mini cars to drive around in.

For such a simple toy, there’s more to blocks than meets the eye.  These toys are more than just a way to keep kids occupied (although they’re great for just that purpose) – blocks actually are one of the best educational toys around.

For example, blocks can aid in the social development of your child.  Two or three toddlers playing with blocks can be a great social bonanza – although I recommend supervision at first.  This is how cooperation’s seeds are planted early in life.  As your children get older, having these block-building friends will teach them a lot about how to work together.

Blocks can also help toddlers with their physical development.  Babies can increase their grasping power by playing with blocks.  Hand-eye coordination is another skill that is targeted.  Maybe you’ve noticed that infants like to throw blocks or drop them onto other objects; this is how they are discovering the basic principles of physics on their own.

So if you own any glass coffee tables, well, now is the time to change the decor.

Stay tuned for more benefits of this timeless toy.


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