The Singapore Toy Convention


June 27 marked the opening of the first annual Singapore Toy Convention: three days of toys, comics, animation, design, licensing and cosplay (costume play). The convention was a visual feast for fans of toys and anime, and the convention center experienced an unanticipatedly high number of attendees. The convention was sponsored by the Singapore Tourism Board and brought exhibitors from around the world, bringing the styles of the East and the West together harmoniously.

The event, which promised to be a pop culture trend-setter for years to come, featured autograph signings, workshops with artists and designers, as well as showcases of the best new toys, comics and designs. But the highlight of the convention was the premier of a new Batman animated short, Batman: Gotham Knight. The short film was one of a series of six that takes place between Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.

For more information, check out the convention’s home page.


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