Too Much Awesome Podcast: Episode 2


In today's episode, we give you some of our personal tips about board games, as well as some handy suggestions for the toy industry.

After a slightly longer wait that we meant, we finally have the second episode of the Too Much Awesome Podcast starring Kyle Martinak and Chris Pranger. In this episode, we talk about video games a little more, toys once more, and make sure to go into greater detail about board games. Specifically, we gives some of our personal strategies to winning at board games, as well as some suggestions for Monopoly and the most effective way to play Clue.

The audio is a higher quality now that we made sure not to use Kyle’s laptop, and we were careful to keep the time only slightly over an hour. Let us know what you’d like to hear more about from the podcast and we’ll be sure to listen. We’re still finding the best mix here, so help us out with a comment.

To download Episode 2, click the link here.


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