Webkinz Polar Bear Gets the Family Online



My family came a bit late to the Webkinz craze, but we’ve recently had quite a bit of the fun with our new toys.  First I have to admit that I have actually had more than one Webkinz in the house for nearly two years and we’ve yet to establish the online version of the toy  until a week ago.

I could not pass up the adorable raccoon, and even though I got it with the intention of giving it to my brother the little critter never left my house.  I’ve kept the tags safe all this time and we’re beginning to discover just how much there is in the Webkinz World.

So here’s how it started (again).  My little girl’s grandmother needed a polar bear for a class project and she just happened to get a Webkinz – it wasn’t planned – while we were visiting.  She logged in to Webkinz World to create her online bear and had my daughter help her name it and they began playing.  Now my three year old wants to go online to play with Nana as a polar bear!


While we were at Nana’s house she decided that she also needed a penguin and so we went in search of one to round out her class project.  We managed to find a whale, a bird, and a hedgehog instead.

My sister loves hedgehogs so it was no surprise that we got attached to that one out of all the options available.  When we visited my sister we gave her that tag so that she could “be” the online hedgehog while we kept the physical version with us.

So now we have my Webkinz raccoon, a hedgehog, a whale, a panda and a dog (both of which were gifts at some point last year) that are bound to be great friends once we get them all online.  Even without the online portion these little animals are great – they are soft and cuddly and the new designs are often available in big and small.

I think we’ll be playing with these critters for a long time to come.


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