What Do You Want?


This doesn't particularly have anything to do with a monkey, but monkey's always make things better.

As you may have noticed, there’s been a short break in the usual postings both yesterday and today. Some uninteresting things were going on behind the scenes, but new stuff will be appearing by the end of the week (we hope).

More importantly, I want to take this small hiatus period to ask a very straightforward question: What do YOU want to read about? What toys or video games have we not covered or not covered enough? Is there a Top Ten list you’re dying to see or a retrospective that we just haven’t got to? I really would like to know so that we here at Toy-TMA can give you articles that you’ll really enjoy rather than just The Chris Pranger Show sponsored by Amazon.

Also, is there anything the site can do better in general? Are we lacking something, or are we doing just fine? This is your chance to leave a comment and let us know directly how we can improve our site to better serve you, the reader and loyal customer. I mean, that’s what it’s all about anyway. You’ve got your task, away you go!


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Chris was the former Head Writer/Editor of Toy-TMA. He did a great job overseeing the site and getting new content published regularly. Always more than willing to respond to a comment or two, but pitiless with trolls! He has since moved on from TMA, and we wish him the best.

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