Writers wanted: Video games, toys, comic books


We’re always looking for good writing. If you’re into video games, toys, comic books and other such fun things, let us know and you could find yourself being a regular writer here at TMA.

We’re looking for new and established bloggers that have something to say about video games and toys. Some things to know about writing for TMA.

  • You’re writing for free. Sorry, we don’t have a budget for paid posts just yet (maybe someday).
  • Be able to write at least 500-words per post weekly or bi-weekly.
  • We use WordPress. Being familiar with it will help but isn’t necessary.
  • Your work will get edited. All posts get reviewed before going live and can receive minor edits.

If none of that bothers you and you’re looking for someplace to share your thoughts about toys and games, contact brian@toy-tma.com with an introduction and few links to your previous work.


About Author

Brian is a staff writer at TMA. He races Hot Wheels at RedlineDerby.com while watching cartoons with his kid. You can follow @morningtoast on Twitter.

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