Are traditional toys still worthwhile?


What are the best kinds of toys – electronic or traditional?  Last time we discussed toy experts who argue that electronic toys are the most effective for learning.

The other strong-minded camp of toy experts are the toy traditionalists.  These experts argue that the best toys are the ones that stimulate a child’s creativity and imagination.  Traditional toys are more flexible than electronic toys; they can be used in a variety of contexts for a variety of purposes.  They also can be used in the bathtub!

Seriously, traditional toys can be used in group settings, individually, and one-on-one.   They also are used differently depending on the child’s age and skill level.  For example, Legos can be used to build a simple wall or a gigantic medieval castle. The only limit with traditional toys is the child’s own imagination.

Traditionalists also say that toys made of natural materials are valuable for children because they teach what the world is made of.  Wood toys are as popular now as they were a hundred years ago because of their aesthetic value, as well as their safety value.  Play-Doh, similarly, will always remain popular because it is safe to eat (if your child is a habitual eater).

Experts will probably always argue over this division between electronic and traditional toys, so the best course of action is to utilize both and see for yourself what your child responds to.


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