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vintage-cabbage-patch-kidsI have been surprisingly pleased in recent years by some of the dolls I’ve come across in my motherly adventures in little girl land.

I grew up in the heart of Cabbage Patch Kid land (that’s in northeast Georgia if you never knew) and we were sure to visit Babyland General, the “hospital” where the babies were “born,” at least once to get a chance to name a baby.

Needless to say, those dolls have always been my standard of measurement when it comes to other baby dolls.

Another  favorite baby doll of mine is by Corolle – this little guy was super-cute and we both loved it when his eyes closed.  He was adorable even in the box & seemed to be just the right size for my three year old.  And I was bound to love the Madame Alexander Huggums that was given years ago as a new baby present. This is really the most classic kind of baby doll on the market today.

lababy-dollBut if I had to recommend one doll today for versatility for both parents and children it would be LaBaby by Berenguer.  My daughter calls it “my heavy baby.”

This doll was purchased as a necessity (if you wonder what necessity could be fixed with a doll you must not have kids), and while pricey compared to other “necessity” purchases I’ve made this one has been well worth the price paid.

The baby doll body is soft rather than plastic from head to toe, and it is weighted so that it can be positioned easily (for tea parties and such). They are available in most stores & online, and they smell really nice too.

The fact that it’s weighted has made the baby useful in other ways as well – some I’d never expected.  The doll was recommended for an infant massage class I decided to take.  The teacher said that it was a good tool because the proportions were right and there was room to practice a stroke on the doll limbs.  Other dolls I had grown up with failed the course miserably mostly because they weren’t weighted or were too tiny.


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  1. Misty Blackburn on

    I am looking for a Doll that was gotten for me in 1978… Its an old doll…. I cant seem to find it or how I would even start… If I could get some help locating one. It was a doll that was gotten for me from my aunt that passed away. I lost it in a fire when my parents house caught on fire. It means the world to me to find one. If you can help please contact me at the email address above. Thank you

  2. I remember my sister having lots of cabbage patch dolls back then. They all had birth certificates and therefore deserved to have birthday celebrations (according to her).. I just love how little girls give importance to their dolls.. A sign that they can do well when they get older..haha.. 🙂

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