MGA Refutes Settlement with Mattel over Bratz


In an interesting turn of events, Isaac Larian, the CEO of MGA, denies that they will be sharing revenue with Mattel to end the infringement case over the popular Bratz dolls.  We reported two weeks ago that the Bratz dolls were subject to heavy pay-outs, but according to Reuters, the matter is still to be decided.

“What I said was, that it is in the interest of MGA employees and I believe it is in the interest of Mattel shareholders and Mattel employees for the two companies to come to a settlement and move on,” Larian said.

The rumor that MGA was prepared to shell out big bucks as a penalty for “stealing” the Bratz franchise from Mattel was passed around quickly on the toy news scene.  Thanks go to ToyNews for following up on the case and setting the record straight.

MGA still denies that Mattel has any right to the popular Bratz dolls.  We also feel that Mattel is probably crying over sour grapes in this case, as Bratz continue to trounce Barbie for sales, seven years in the making.


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