Playing with dolls


On the topic of imagination, consider the newest craze for talking dolls and action figures. These expensive toys do all the talking and that can limit children’s creativity.

In the not-so-distant past, dolls and action figures were the bread and butter of kids’ imaginative play. There are no script or rules, only hours of absorptive fun that needs little parental intervention.

In fact, many child psychologists use dolls to help children work through their frustrations and issues. Creating new stories is how children learn to adapt to the world. Through imagination, kids try on new attitudes and roles. Play therapists call this work building a new “personal mythology.”

Dolls that have different sets of clothing can maximize the creative potential. Children will imagine long-winded dramas if they have the ability to envision different sets and settings for the same character. As children, our concepts of time are often built in these playful workshops, too.

Once parents see how these simple toys can entertain their children for hours on end, they may never go near another talking doll again.


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