Black Friday toys, five picks that can’t miss


Let the holiday shopping begin! Black Friday is this week and here’s a few things you should keep an eye out for.

Shop til you drop…or go poor

I’m convinced that before too long “Black Friday” will grow like The Blob and devour the entire week of Thanksgiving. Shopping for five days straight with a little family time in between. But until then we have one-and-a-half days of shopping for supposed “great deals”. Well, I’m not the shopper in the family, that’s a title owned by my wife. She’s up at the crack of dawn with building plans, sale flyers and her large purse ready to go. She’s out, shopped and back before I’m even out of bed…and I’m okay with that.

Don’t get me wrong, I love shopping but I don’t really like mingling with the masses. I’m much more of a Cyber Monday type of shopper. I’ll actually be doing a lot of online shopping on Black Friday. I’m all for good deals but I just don’t have the stamina (or patience) to wait and wait for something to be a dollar cheaper from one day to the next. However, in an effort to step in my wife’s shoes for even just a moment, I headed over to the first Black Friday web site I could find and took a look at the toys on sale this week…and there are a ton.

On the site TGI Black Friday, there are no less than 90 pages of toys on sale spanning several retail locations. I was quickly overwhelmed and rather than talk about the possible savings, I decided I’m just going to talk about the toys. I picked five toys that stood out to me as things I want – or would have wanted. I’m not going to discuss the supposed “deal” or discount, and I’m not endorsing a particular retailer, I simply selected a few toys that stuck out to me. That being said, I wish you all the best in your Black Friday¬†endeavors. Be safe, save big.

Air hockey table

Air hockeyI had a tabletop air hockey when I was a kid and it was awesome. I loved playing air hockey with my dad whenever the random chance came up that there was a table where we were. I must have asked or wanted an air hockey bad enough that I got one for Christmas. It was pretty big too. It wasn’t full size but it wasn’t one of those teeny tiny ones that runs on batteries. I loved playing my air hockey game and I got pretty good at it. Playing on my small version actually translated into better play on the full size table…I guess geometry is geometry. I can’t wait to share the fun of air hockey with my kid, but as much as I loved playing as a kid, as a parent the air hockey table creates some of the most annoying racket you’ve ever heard. You’ve been warned.

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LEGO Storage bins

LEGO storage binsWho doesn’t love playing with LEGO bricks? I don’t care if you’re young or old, LEGO is still a lot of fun and challenges everyone to be creative. I couldn’t even tell you how many LEGO bricks I had as a kid…or how many more I lost. Of course, one reason I lost them was because I never had a good storage system. I was one of those kids that liked to keep his bricks organized…by color, by size, by function…call me weird but I thought it was fun. I guess if you break it down, using generic storage bins from the Tupperware aisle is just as good, but lets face it, have an official LEGO bin to keep your brick inventory properly tracked would be awesome

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Hot Wheels

Hot WheelsI admit that Hot Wheels are near and dear to my heart so I’m a bit biased but I don’t think you can go wrong with Hot Wheels or Matchbox cars for any kid. They’re cheap, they look good, they’re fun and they last forever…it’s hard to find a toy that gives you more bang for your buck. You’ll find Hot Wheels playsets all over this shopping season but don’t underestimate the joy a simple box full of cars can bring a kid. The parking garage slides and loop-de-loop tracks can be fun but there’s nothing better than showing off your massive collection of cars to the kids next door. I’d take hundreds of cars of a few playsets any day.

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Power Wheels

Audi Power WheelsOne childhood toy I always wanted but never got was a Power Wheels. When I was little there were really only two options. You could either get the Power Wheels Bigfoot or the Power Wheels ATV…and both were awesome. Nothing made me more jealous than seeing a kid truckin’ around in Bigfoot. Of course, these days there’s a Power Wheels cars for every walk of life. You can drive around in a Corvette, Cooper Mini, Audi R8 or a Cadillac. And you’re not limited to cars and trucks. In fact, some of the cooler motorized toys are the little mini-motorcycles, although I would have to say those are probably twice as dangerous. I’d like to see my child get a Power Wheels at some point…if they earn it…and it’ll be something classic. Maybe Bigfoot will be back in style my then.

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Barbie Playhouse

Barbie PlayhouseI admit that Barbie isn’t my strong suit (at least not yet) but I’m going to guess that you can’t go wrong with a 3-story Barbie playhouse. As a boy I had GI Joe figures to play with but there was a little part of me that envied the girls with their Barbie toys because Barbie had accessories up the butt. GI Joe wasn’t exactly lacking in the playset-and-guns department but Barbie had a Ferrari, horses, camper vans, apartments, barber shops and scooters. And then you have all the clothes and stuff…it’s madness. I had a few vehicles and playsets for my action figures but none of them were as elaborate as anything Barbie had at her disposal.

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