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It’s easy to find gifts for people that like current cartoons, but what do you get for those that love the classics? Chances are they’ve got all the DVDs (possibly several copies) so you can’t take the easy way out. Thankfully I’ve found that there a couple great options out there right now that can easily be delivered before Christmas.

Old and new sharing shelf space

Captain Caveman

Captain Caveman plush is ready to fly

In a recent trip to Toys R Us I found that there is a new line of classic cartoon toys ready to go. It seems Hanna-Barbera is making up for lost time and put out a couple lines of plush and plastic toys. Imagine my surprise as I walking down the aisle and saw a Captain Caveman plush toy, complete with yank-and-talk string…however, I don’t remember Captain Caveman being a baritone but I’ll take it. Along with the good Captain were a bunch of other, smaller plushes from favorites like The Flintstones, The Jetsons and Secret Squirrel. The plushes will run you about $10 but would be quite worth it, if you ask me. If plush toys aren’t your thing then there were a bunch of plastic figures as well. These figures came in singles or in a set…why buy just Fred Flinstone when you can get the whole family? So for anywhere from $8 – $20 you can treat someone you love (or yourself) to some great classic cartoon toys.

Of course, toys aren’t for everyone. Just because you’re a fan of cartoons doesn’t mean you can have a bunch of plush toys hanging around. So what else can you get the cartoon lover in your life? Simple. A book, but not just any book, The Hanna-Barbera scrapbook. Much like the other “scrapbooks” you’ll find in the bookstore, this one comes loaded with a lot great pictures, stories and fun little reproduction inserts.

Take a look in a book

The Hanna-Barbera Treasury might be a bit big to be a true coffee table book but you’ll find a place for it and you’ll want to share. It’s one of those books you don’t really sit and read but just browse over and over again when you’re bored. All the stories and trivia about your favorite cartoons is great to read and learn, but let’s face it, the first thing you’ll do is exactly what I did – take out all the reprints and drool over them.

Hanna-Barbera Treasury scrapbook

Lots of reproduction inserts ready for you to play with

You’ll find all sort of great little trinkets in this book. From toon cells to postcards and model sheets of your favorite shows like Scooby-Doo, The Flintstones and my personal favorite, Space Ghost. Yes, the scrapbook goes well beyond the most popular HB series and touches on many of the cartoon reruns I grew up watching. Space Ghost, Johnny Quest, Bird Man…they’re all there along with our beloved Tom & Jerry and Yogi Bear. I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve opened the scrapbook just to walk down memory lane and learn a few tidbits about those cartoons. Of course, there is also one other thing you can do with your awesome scrapbook…create art for your home!

Cartoon art

I took a few of the inserts and framed them for easy and cool cartoon art

When I found the book in the store I wasn’t planning on it being more than just a book, but that’s what happened…and I love it, and it couldn’t have been easier. I simply took some of the reproduction inserts and framed them on colored construction paper. Easy, cheap and they look great on the wall. Plus, they’re a little classier than a plush toy. And there’s so many inserts included with the book that there’s plenty of options allowing you to change things up.

Cartoons from the heart

If you’re looking for something a little more personal for your cartoon lover, skip the plush toys and the books, and just make something yourself. You might say you can’t draw or paint or whatever, but you can. These are cartoons, it’s not the Mona Lisa. They’re easy to trace and have simple, flat colors. Just go to the craft store and get some paper, markers or paints and then frame them. I made three paintings for my baby’s room over the course of a weekend and I they turned out pretty good, if i can say so myself. They’re not perfect and they didn’t need to be…but they’re something I made and can happily pass along to child.

Cartoon painting

Make your own cartoon art. It’s easy, cheap and cool.

So as we enter the last week before Christmas, those are few easy wins for the classic cartoon fan on your list. I promise that no matter which option you choose, they’ll be incredibly thankful and happy to have whatever you give them. Happy holidays!


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