Magic 8-Ball, the Vintage Toy That Still Knows the Future


magic8ballFor centuries now, (or maybe since 1946), Magic 8-Balls have been guiding the undecided in issues that the standard child’s paper fortune teller cannot accomplish alone.

While the Magic 8-Ball is fairly harmless, it is not recommend that you crack it open and drink the delicious, blueberry-flavored liquid to become stronger, mostly because it’s only alcohol with blue coloring.

The Magic 8-Ball as we know it was created by a one Albert Carter, who then went out and sold the item with a man named Abe Bookman.  Many people falsely attribute the creation of this classic vintage toy to Bookman, but of course that’s just silly.  Bookman just saw the future and all signs pointed to Yes.

What you may not know about the Magic 8-Ball is that it is standard to have a 20-sided die, (an icosahedral die, totally didn’t get that from Wikipedia), within the blue liquid that “gives you answers to questions.”

The 8 Ball Relies on Fixed Probability – as well as Magic


This die is a handy way to tote around the Magic 8's power inconspicously

Of the 20 possible responses, 10 are always positive, 5 are negative, and 5 are unclear. You can get variations that have only positive or only negative answers, but the standard is 10-5-5, just in case you needed to know that, which you did.

Just remember, the Magic 8-Ball isn’t really magic, unless of course you ask a Magic 8-Ball and it says, “All signs point to yes.” Then, naturally, its magic has been proven as fact.


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  1. When it comes down to a stagnant 8-Ball, it is possible to clean the die inside but refilling it with the blue liquid could be troublesome. In the long run it is just cheaper and easier to get a new 8-Ball at a Target, Fred Meyer, or off of, unless the 8-Ball in question has special personal significance of course. Never throw away a treasured item unless it threatens your life. So short answer yes with an “if,” long answer no with a “but.”

  2. Hi, Chris. I just want to ask, just in case you have the answer =) .. My magic 8 ball got stagnant for a few months and now, the 20-sided die inside it has moss .. I want to clean the die, is it possible?? ..thank you..

  3. We don’t sell any products at this site, but there are plenty of sites that do sell what you’re looking for. I’d recommend typing Magic 8 Ball into Google, or just going to a local retail store such as Target and checking the toy aisle. You can probably find one for around $10.

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