Rainbow Brite Makes a Comeback


Rainbow Brite is coming back to children’s lives, refreshed and updated for a new generation.  Originally a Hallmark division, the Rainbow Brite franchise will now be administered exclusively by Playmates Toys.

Below is the original trailer for the popular animated TV show in the 1980s.

Since the franchise began in 1984, Rainbow Brite has made over a billion dollars in sales, due to toys, coloring books, and other kid-related products.

Playmates says it will honor the “nostalgic” look of Rainbow Brite, but also plans to update her image:

The property’s refreshed design will position Rainbow Brite as a role model who is socially-aware, inspirational and innovative, helping girls develop an inner strength, while focusing on the importance of being confident and caring about the world.

I am speaking from experience that Rainbow Brite has influenced millions of children.  I personally have a friend who helped name her baby brother “Brian” because she had a crush on the Rainbow Brite character of the same name.

Hopefully, the new rendition of Rainbow Brite will strike even deeper!


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