Check Out Schylling’s Retro Vehicles


Vintage toys, especially tin toys, are all the rage nowadays, and Schylling, offering everything from keepsakes to collectible toys and more, has the market cornered. One of their specialties, however, is their retro collection of vehicles.

Boys love to imagine that they’re flying high with toy planes. The Schylling “Overseas Airplane” lets kids do just this. With its real spinning propellers and painted details, kids love to pull the plane back and let it shoot forward. Perfect for your little pilot!

For adventures of the aquatic sort, what child wouldn’t love the vintage Bluebird Speedboat? Capturing the timeless appeal of classic wooden speedboats of the 1920s, this toy is beautifully crafted with exacting attention to detail. It has a real, working wind-up motor that’s made of tin and removable.

An even more classic tin toy from Schylling is their T-35 Ducati Racecar. Kids love nothing more than to wind this car up and watch it roll. And its timeless design and details are sure to inspire nostalgia.

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