Parents And Kids Love Schylling Vintage Toys


Tin toys are coming back in a big way. Parents love their nostalgia-inducing designs and children love their timeless fun. And the toy company on the leading edge of this phenomenon is Schylling, who offers a fantastic collection of vintage tin toys that are sure to bring you back to your childhood.

From a tin man on a motorcycle to a locking cashbox, these toys are well-crafted classics. The designs range from timeless treasures like tea sets and popguns, to chic collectibles like Curious George alarms clocks and lunchboxes.

Some of the more eccentric, imagination-inducing items include their Chrome Planet Robot, 10 3/4” tall and sure to provide hours of play. Schylling also offers a great selection of vehicles, from their T-35 Ducati Race Car to their Blue Bird Speed Boat—perfect for boys with a need for speed.


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  1. thanks for coming by AG, but I’m not too worried – video games are turning out to have some great affects on kids in the area of memory, logical thinking, and improving hand-eye coordination. as long as we remember the old fashioned toys too!

  2. It’s a real shame that computer games and other forms of media are replacing toys, I just wonder what effect it will have on todays generation.

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