Playing Dress-Up is like Halloween Everyday


For kids, everyday is Halloween.  Maybe not so much going door-to-door for the free candy, but the excitement about playing dress-up is always on children’s minds.  As parents and educators, it’s good to keep in mind that bringing out some costumes for kids is a great way to brighten a rainy spring day.

Playing dress-up is more than a fun way to pass the time, too.  Psychologists suggest that games with costumes are an avenue for children to test their boundaries and explore the different roles in society.  Dress-up is also a natural way to explore gender identification.  Don’t worry, Dads, it’s just a phase!  By trying on new roles, children learn how to take on the perspective of others as well as increase their ability for empathy and consideration.

We recommend costume play anytime of the year, not just as Halloween approaches.  Having a wooden chest full of Schylling costumes or another quality costume set is a simple way to be ready to entertain the children without having to turn on the TV.


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