Blongo Family Fun Blongo Set


blongo-ball-family-outdoor-toy-setA toy in the spirit of outdoor games such as horseshoes, croquet and lawn darts, the Blongo Family Fun Blongo Set provides you with all the necessary tools to play the new game that is growing in popularity across America.

Blongo Ball, also referred to as Ladder Ball, consists of two plastic frames, each consisting of a vertical ladder with three rings.

The ‘blongo balls’ are actually pairs of balls that are attached to one another by a short length of rope.  By throwing these balls at the ladder, points are scored by successfully causing your thrown object to twine around an individual rung.

How to Play Blongo

Blongo Balls combines a number of aspects that make for a great outdoor game. It is simple to learn, and very accessible. It includes a large number of players, making it suitable for both smaller and larger events. As well, it is only mildly physically demanding, thus making for a casual and laid-back game, best played while relaxing on a summer day.


Extra blongo balls can be purchased in an accessory kit.

Since all the materials are light, Blongo Balls poses no safety risk for children, who might be put at risk by games with heavier or sharper implements such as lawn darts or croquet. The ladders are easily dismantled, making them easily transportable, but since the act of playing offers so little wear and tear, there is no threat of damaging your set. As well, it can be played both indoors and outdoors easily.

Being a very simple, but universal game, both children and adults may enjoy Blongo Balls. It would be equally useful in a phys. Ed classroom, or as part of a company’s bonding activity.  And while it is simple to learn, there is a certain knack to throwing the balls… meaning that with practice, players could begin to hone their skills over a period of time.

Due to its increasing popularity, Blongo Balls is a game that will continue to have a presence in years to come. The next time you are either looking for a lawn game to add to your collection, or are considering a new toy to enjoy on a vacation or trip, keep it in mind.


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