The Fisher Price Rock and Roll Trike Reinvented


fisher-price-rock-and-roll-trikeFisher-Price is always coming out with some new item that seems like it’s been on the market for ages.  The Rock & Roll and Ride Deluxe Trike is definitely in this category.

This is “my first tricycle” done right: a newer version of the Rock, Roll & Ride Trike with a bit of an update with the caretaker in mind.  This is good news for me.

The trike is said to be just right for a wide age range of 18 months to 5 years because of the item’s versatility.  It can start as an indoor toy with a the handle set underneath as the base for a rocking toy.  The kids get the thrill of “riding” a bike with the safety of indoor play.  As the young ones want to toddle outside to explore this trike will go with them.

The base for the rocking toy converts into a handle so that the young ones may be pushed around without pain in adult backs.  The update for the Rock & Roll Trike is an increase in handle length by four inches, making it even easier on the grown-ups.  The push-bar is a wonderful invention and worth it’s weight in gold as far as this parent is concerned.

The wheels on this toy are the plastic kind that offer very little traction if all you have is gravel or grass on which to drive.  Our experience has found that the best bit of “road” for these wheels is a patch of concrete or a nice long sidewalk.  I have read of other parents wrapping rubber bands around the wheels to increase traction on grass and such.

Find the new Rock, Roll and Ride Trike here.

As the toddler gets control of his own wheels and moves in to the “I can do it myself” stage it is nice to know that the handle can be removed to create a “big kid trike.”  This one toy has moved from toddler to big kid toy without costing a dime extra.  Assuming the wheels last that long it could fit the kid for years to come.


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  1. My daughter spends HOURS riding her new “bike” She loves it and I love that it is fully adjustable so it will last through years to come!

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