Sandboxes for Raising Nature Kids


Playing in the sandbox is a wonderful pasttime for children for many reasons.  First, sandbox play can encourage group play as kids work together on a big project like a sandcastle.  Also, kids who prefer to play alone can also benefit from sandbox play, taking the opportunity to delve into their imaginations and explore their inner worlds.

Sandboxes are safe, too, creating great areas for rambunctiousness.  There is no better place to practice headstands and other tumbling tricks except for indoor mats.

The best reason for considering a sandbox for your child is that it encourages outdoor fun.  Playing outdoors opens childen up to the greater ecology.  Many a bird-watcher and outdoorsmen got their fascination with nature from hours in sandbox, watching the animals in the backyard.  Precisely because more and more experts are encouraging outdoor play for childhood development, the sandbox is more attractive than ever before.


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