Toy Gardening Tools for Kids


We have mentioned how kids love to be part of the team, doing chores and adding their work to the household.  This is an aspect of child psychology that is often overlooked and misunderstood.  People seem to have fantasy that childhood is “care-free” and that children should never have real responsibilities.

Of course, parents know that this is not true in the slightest!  Children love to help out and they enjoy having responsibilities if they are meaningful ones.  In traditional societies all around the world, children at the age of six are already adding substantive contributions to village life – and they still have plenty of time to horse around.  Being responsible does not mean that childhood is over.

Gardening with your children is one way to bring this fact home to the civilized world.  Toy gardening tools are perfectly sized for children’s hands and they are strong enough to do the real work of digging, hoeing and spading.  Gardening with kids is a wonderful way to get to spend time with your little ones in a constructive setting, and a natural one at that.


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