Toy Walkie-Talkie Picks up Profanity on Trucker Channel


This is just too weird to not report. From the AP Press comes the story that:

A West Virginia mother is seeking a recall of a popular walkie-talkie after her 3-year-old’s toy apparently intercepted a profanity-laced conversation between truckers about drugs and strip clubs.

Deborah Pancaro, 34, said she contacted Fisher-Price after she heard a conversation in which a man said “10-4” and other things that led her to believe the device was relaying a CB radio conversation.

Radios as toys are not a new idea, but it is interesting to notice that the complain essentially stems from the fact that the toy in question here is working too well.

The walkie-talkie is supposed to have a range of about 20 feet, but Pancaro said she heard one of the voices say he was driving on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, about 275 miles north of Huntington.

Good thing for parents to keep in mind! The product is the Dora the Explorer Walkie-Talkie by Fisher-Price, and it is sold exclusively at Wal-Mart. There’s been no talk about a recall yet.


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  1. I found this story searching for some info on skips and walkie talkies. My friend heard a child’s voice over her son’s walkie talkie this morning, while her son was at school and she was holding both handsets. She swears they were off at the time. The handset was also being queued in addition to the voice being heard. She has no idea of the source of the voice, but was creeped right out by the experience. If this child was also on a walkie talkie, could a signal as weak as that “skip”?

  2. enough power will bleed over anything. it could be the neighbor or some breaker in another country. and it really doesnt matter how big the gap is as far as frequency goes when dx rolls in at 80 DB’s. your gonna get some bleedover.

  3. i live i corpus christi and i just bought my son disney cars walkies talkies and i’m picking up tons of stupid stuff on it, right now im listening to some man and women have a conversation. i’ll record it if i can.

  4. I am located in Dallas TX and I am picking up truckers all over the place Houston, N. Carolina, Kansas City are the cities I heard today. Most talk has been normal trucker talk, but a few words I wouldn’t want my 4 year old to hear. We have fisher price walkies from Target. Interesting…

  5. My sons just picked up two truckers conversing on their Diego walkie talkies. My teen son asked where they were and one came back saying that they were in GA & AL and we are in MA so apparently it IS possible. I came online to look up CB lingo that they were using and it was legitimate lingo. One even acknowledged to the other that he was talking to a kid. Who knew?

  6. Yes, it’s true. These toys are picking up some stupid conversations.
    Anyway, there is always a lot of static so I would advise you to go for something more expensive.

  7. Totally skip. I have a simple 40 watt amp for a cb. Its not much, but when I am next to a car with it, I break through their radio. CB is AM, and the radios are usually FM. It still breaks through. Its only 40 watts.

    Now, I know people who run in excess if 1000 watts. Their radios turn off High pressure sodium lights when they key up, until the un key. They break through peoples car radio’s from a good distance.

    Now with skip, the signal is bouncing off the ionosphere and beams down with the same strong signal. Its no surprise that a kid herd a trucker on it if there was skip.

    I live in NJ, and I know of a few people in that area that have big radios. Usually a lot of cursing going on with them.

    I once talked to a man in Georgia on my bearfoot radio with just a peak and tune, about 25 swinging 30 watts.

    With good skip it is possible to have a clear as day conversation with some one across the US with only 4 watts.

  8. It is also possible that there was something else going on with the transmission. When I was in the Army I was stationed in California and there was a brief time when we could communicate with North Carolina using our radios that had about a 5 mile range. We were told that it had something to do with sun spots. I don’t know how true that is but I do know that it happened since I was part of the conversations. It only happened once during the whole four years I was there so it certainly wasn’t a common occurrence.

  9. Adam… you are absolutely incorrect in your statement, a receiver of any kind in the correct Mhz band can pick up a signal that is being generated strongly enough from several hundreds of miles away.

    “Skip” is a term used in the CB radio hobby that is a wonder of nature presented by weather conditions and other electromagnetic energies present in the Ionosphere.

    To hear a CB radio signal on a child’s walkie-talkie is nothing new, “skip” can be heard for hundreds and hundreds of miles when the conditions are present.

    This is the same basic principle of how electric guitar pickups can receive short wave radio signals across oceans and contents.

    DM CB Radio Products

  10. Possible really it is on

    Just because motorola doesn’t sell something with that distance in the store. Doesn’t mean i can’t add the power to get that distance. i know mobiles that can get farther then that a lot farther.
    Now if the walkies were between two high powered systems they could have picked them up. None of you have ever known some one who pushes a lot of power (illegal) anything over 4 watts.
    The stories i can tell about unplugged cb’s picking up transmissions or TV’s picking them up or frying cars eletrical systems.

  11. Cb is on 27 MHZ, this walkie talkie is on 49mhz. The 49mhz range is reserved for old cordless phone handsets, kid’s walkie talkies and baby monitors.
    What the woman heard was a prank. Perhaps a local cber putting another 49mhz walkie talkie up to an active cb speaker or recordings of cb radio trucker’s channel 19.
    They are going to pull these radios off the shelf for a technical misunderstanding of a rare isolated incident.

  12. I believe you’re onto something! May be a case of wishful thinking for Mom, who doesn’t want to believe that such conversation happens in this neighborhood.

  13. There is no way that the toy walkie talkie picked up a conversation 275 miles away! I work for a Motorola two way radio dealer and the most expensive radio that we sell can’t get that coverage. Yes, toy radios can pick up some goofy signals. But, they are most likely a neighbor’s toy radio, not a trucker in a different state!

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