Toys That Get Kids Moving


With America’s waistlines growing by the minute, one of the year’s most uplifting toy trends is toys that try to get kids moving. The Wii Fit, a game for the Wii console in which the player does mini-exercises from pushups to running, is quite popular among a slightly older crowd, but now toy makers are targeting younger children for their activity-encouraging toys.

The Fisher-Price Smart Cycle is one of the most promising of these new toys. It’s essentially a stationary bike for young children, which hooks up to a television like other game consoles. Children must continue to pedal and steer to keep the game going. Several games are already available and more will surely be developed.

Mattel has latched on to this trend as well, releasing the Hot Wheels Electronic Speed Meter, which can clip on to a belt or bicycle, and measures speed. It also makes engine noises that get louder the faster you’re moving. The Hot Wheels Racing Timer records multiple timers and announces the winner with victory flags and applause.

Radica has also jumped on the kids’ fitness bandwagon with their baseball and football games. Unlike the Wii, however, these games use actual footage of the athletes, so that kids can pretend to be their favorite players. These games are also cheaper than the Wii, but with comparable graphics.

Of course, don’t forget about the classics—there’s still nothing wrong with a baseball glove.

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  1. Toys must not be intended for merely just for playing that when the time comes that kids are not fond or excited they will just throw that toy to the chest and take it for granted. Toys must encourage creativity and learning in development of there skills and spark their imaginations. We’re big into playtime at our house and my daughters love these toys so much!

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