Remembering the 1987 Ghostbusters Firehouse Playset


Take away the slime, the Ghostbusters sign, and a few details, and you see my childhood. I just might buy it on ebay.

“What do you mean you gave it away!?” I screeched at my mother, the full complement of my nine-year-old lungs bursting forth in disbelief. She wouldn’t have. She couldn’t have.

She totally did.

My dear mother had made a grievous error by donating my Ghostbusters firehouse building to charity. Did she not understand that the firehouse could act as any building, for any game? It was the center of every game for my entire life at that point.

I remember clearly that my older brother and I staged an epic sequel to “Jurassic Park,” wherein the survivors from the original are trapped in that firehouse, and must escape the dinosaurs and make it to my father’s desk.

I’m 21 years old now. I don’t have much time to play, and what I do have is usually given to the Internet, video game systems, or my truck (Ford F-150, not Tonka). I miss the hours I spent on the carpet, peering into that hollow hunk of plastic and imagining all the things I could do in there, if only I could stay up later.

Thanks to the miracles of technology, I looked up my old buddy, the firehouse, on ebay. Just looking at it, I wish I could stage one more epic battle between my American Gladiators on the roof. The price isn’t even very high on some of the firehouses for sale, but I know I shouldn’t.

It’s a tragedy that I’ve grown up. I belonged on that carpet, making hushed explosion noises and wondering if I should become a professional idea man.  I don’t blame my mom for donating it. I do blame myself for growing up. What other toys do we all miss? What other toys defined our adventures as kids?


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  1. I just cleaned my 29 year old sons Firehouse, all the figures, the ambulance, heliecopter, marshmellow guy, many ghost, everything, to give to his 5 year old son Cash and his twins brother Coby and a sister Candice, they will be 4 July the 28th. It took me 2 days to clean and make it look like new. I had it stored in boxes but things have to be really clean for my little guys. I also have the zap gun and I put new batteries in it and it works perfect. I heard they are making #3 so my little ones will be ready!!!!!

  2. I was quite the opposite. I had the ECTO-1 but no firehouse. Good ol’ grandma always came through with the most random finds at garage sales, but I guess she wasn’t out on the hunt when Kyle’s mom was mistakenly selling something this awesome.

  3. I never really wanted the Firehouse, but boy did I want ECTO-1 baaad.

    And is it just me, or does the kid in that promo photo have a right hand on his left arm? No wonder that kid got the Firehouse, everyone felt sorry for him because had two right hands.

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