Demand For Wood Toys From India Grows


When you think of toys made of wood, you probably don’t think of India. But it’s a testament to how universally adored these toys are that even in this developing nation, dedicated craftsmen turn out high-quality, child-safe toys in droves.

For many Indian craftsmen, toy making has been their family’s way of supporting itself for generation. But it’s just now that many toy makers are working together and pooling their resources in order to increase production. Newer designs, improved quality, and better marketing facilities have allowed toys typically distributed solely within India to find their way to the international market.

Scares about Chinese toys has also increased demand for Indian wooden toys. They are entirely child-safe, made from all-natural materials and vegetable dyes. Parents have no qualms about letting their children chew on naturally germ-resistant wood toys.
With both demand and opportunity growing, the Indian wood toy market is enjoying enormous success.

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  1. Thanks for those interesting insights into the woods and story behind traditional Indian toys, india. Hopefully those unique and traditional methods and materials will be preserved in some form as Indian wooden toys become more popular.

  2. Initially, Channapatna’s traditional Indian toys were made from rosewood, ivory-wood, and sandalwood. The use of ivory-wood, however, has now been banned, and rosewood and sandalwood have become quite expensive; Channapatna’s toymakers now use cedar, pine, teak, or any other sort of wood available.

    Now that the town’s once-foundering toy industry has been revived, consumers have been so attracted to Channapatna’s all-natural products that the town’s craftspeople have begun to look beyond playthings to home accessories and decorative items

    and yes your right about the safety,, its more safe becouse they dont have those very dangerous chemicals.

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