Featured Product: HABA Ball Track Construction Set


Construction sets are a perfect way to foster children’s creativity, improve their motor coordination, and nurture their cognitive development. They’re also a toy that is easily integrated with others, and that lets a child’s imagination run wild. Unlike newer, flashier play sets, the Ball Track Construction Set from HABA promises to hold your child’s interest for years to come.

The set comes with 42 excellently crafted beechwood pieces and six glass marbles, allowing for an infinite number of structures to be built. Your child will love to build intricate systems of ramps and tracks, race marbles, then tear it all down and start again!

And of course you can rest easy knowing that this set is built from the finest naturally germ-resistant European timber. And HABA is a company with a conscience—they adhere to the strictest standards to environmental protection and ethical corporate policy.


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  2. I always try my best to hunt any of such toy for my son and thanks for introducing such a wonderful kit. I shall be looking for it in my local store. Let me know if they would have some online presence.

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