KidKraft Produces Heirloom-Quality Wooden Toys


My next 2 minute review is for KidKraft Toys and furniture. KidKraft has been producing heirloom-quality wooden toys for years. They specialize in wooden chairs and tables, classic toy boxes, fantastic wooden doll houses, and classic train sets.

KidKraft definitely passes our test of “Imagination First.” I had an opportunity to poke around with their Savannah Dollhouse recently and became quite engrossed in all the details. The little furniture can be moved around, and is remiscent of the master  wood toys from the last century.

More recently, KidKraft has gotten into “activity toys” like pirate ships and firetrucks that have a lot of movable parts and accessories. These kinds of toys are always popular with children, but the parts are easily lost, and swallowable.

My advice is that an adult should be in the house when children play with these kinds of toys. Otherwise, they are high quality, imaginative and durable.


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  1. I manufacture a wooden version of a game that’s been around for years. We call our game Magic Four. It’s not a new game but certainly a new construction idea. Our game is handmade from solid hardwood, consisting of oak, cherry, walnut and birch.

    We have sold over a hundred of these games on a local level, so the market is certainly there. I feel it would be a profitable addition to your site.

    I would be glad to send you a picture and more information if you’re interested.

    Thank you for your time,

    David Heath

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