Making Your Own Wood Toys–Is It As Hard As It Seems?


The timeless appeal of wooden toys is indisputable. They’re beautiful, safe, and hold a child’s imagination for years. If you’re the arts & crafts type and have a few tools lying around, you might consider making your own wood toys for your children. This will make them even more personal and special, and ensure that your children will love and cherish these toys for years to come.
This site features fantastic guides for all sorts of wood toys, from building logs to go-carts. The type and dimensions of wood that you’ll need depend on the project you’re tackling, but poplar, pine, fir, and spruce are all good candidates that are most likely available at your local hardware or hobby store. You’ll also need a selection of woodworking tools, such as cutters and molders, as well as glue and finish. But the results are well worth the effort—wooden toys are perfect for children of all ages, and knowing that you’ve made them yourself will bring you satisfaction and joy.
Of course, if the task of making your own wood toys seems a bit daunting, manufacturers such as HABA offer wonderful wood toys that are environmentally friendly and germ-resistant.


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  1. I absolutely love the Haba toys. My my son was a baby I bought him some colorful wooden rattles and teething rings (made in Germany) from Haba. Now that he is a bit older I want to stick to this brand and I got him for his second birthday some gorgeous wooden building blocks and play food items:$catalog.Oem=Haba
    I’ve never been disappointed by the quality of Haba toys.

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