Melissa & Doug Puzzles–Perfect For Young Children


Parents love puzzles for kids because they’re so effective at stimulating a child’s natural urges to think and learn. They’re great because they promote multiple types of thinking, all while children are having too much fun to realize that they’re learning! Melissa and Doug, a true mom ‘n’ pop company started over twenty years ago, has become one of the top sellers of all different sorts of kids’ puzzles.

Their Chunky Puzzles are perfect for babies. They come with large, colorful pieces that fit neatly into the board and can also standalone for imagination play. The big, chunky pieces are perfect for small hands and developing motor skills. Aside from every variety of animal puzzle, Melissa & Doug also offers puzzles that are great for teaching children counting and the alphabet.

They’ve also got puzzles with themes of shapes, vehicles, instruments, and even states. A number of M&D puzzles even have talking boards, such as USA Map Sound Puzzle, which speaks the name of the state and its capital when the puzzle piece is lifted. Melissa & Doug puzzles are beautifully designed and excellently crafted, and are sure to become a favorite in any child’s toy box.


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  1. My o-my… we love our Melissa and Doug Puzzles. My kids are entertained for hours and it really does seem to help with their eye-hand coordination. there are a lot of suitable puzzles for your kids, they are made from wood so they’re save and toxin free. I hope I’ve turned some parents on to these great toys!

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