See and Spell by Melissa & Doug is Sturdy and Simple



The Melissa & Doug See & Spell is one of a line of toys designed to foster early learning in children. The See & Spell in particular focuses on early language skills, and is a fun way to teach early letter recognition and sight vocabulary.

The toy is quite simple, containing a set of 64 colorful wooden letters and a set of 8 pictures paired with easy to spell words. The letters are set into the boards, making spelling the words as simple as solving a puzzle.

This product is suited for children aged 4-7, though children aged 4-5 may find it the most fun. However, the small pieces are easy to lose, and could be a choking hazard for children under 3.

One of the great things about the Melissa & Doug See and Spell, like many of their toys, is how sturdy it is, and how it’s literally designed to take a beating.  The wooden spelling boards and letters are durable enough to withstand whatever a child can dish out, making the See & Spell a purchase that can survive the tough love of multiple-child households.

The greatest benefit to a product like this is that it can grow with your children.  Once they master the simple wood block words, they can move on to form other simple everyday words. This product would be a great compliment to any household or classroom. The only complaint is that the box does not come with a lid… so be prepared for a bit of a mess!


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