Wood Toys by Spiel & Holz


Spiel & Holz, established in Germany in 1978, is one of the finest makers of wood toys in the world. Their toys have won awards for their designs and aesthetic appeal, and kids love the open-ended creative play that they offer.

Toys by Spiel & Holz are inspired by Waldorf education, a philosophy that children learn best through active and imaginative play. These toys are made from natural materials, and have a minimum of details, letting the natural beauty and feel of the wood shine through. These toys are much more versatile and durable than the most toys nowadays, and they sustain a child’s interest much longer. Each toy set can be played with in a variety of ways—some of their toys are puzzles, building blocks, and play buildings all in one.

Spiel & Holz uses only premium European wood, primarily Alder. Most of their toys are hand-crafted and finished, making them a true work of art and craftsmanship. And each toy is painted with either natural, kid-safe paints and dyes.

Another maker of high-quality wood toys is HABA–check out our page about them.


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  1. I love read aticle and blog about wooden toys. So like you blog this might been some usefuly for you!

    Wooden toys also help to keep a childÂ’s attention span. Compared to an electronic toy that makes noises and moves, a child will play more with the wooden toy than with a battery operated one. My children grew up with wooden toys, many of which they made themselves using their imagination. Today what they remember about there favorite toys are the wooden toys that their dad made or the ones that they made themselves.

    TodayÂ’s children are stuck to watching tv and having moving, noise making toys starting from birth. So much distraction is one reason while some children have short attention spans and desire constant entertainment.
    Wooden toys will help unlock their imaginative minds and allow their personality to develop. Perhaps it is making cookies with their wooden toy kitchen set or playing rodeo with a wooden toy stick horse. A wooden toy doll house kit will allow parents to interact as they build that house together and let the little interior decoratorÂ’s creativity show!
    A wooden toy barn and wooden toy fence can create lots of memories as dad and sons play together and get all the farming done. You will see how you behave in situations as your child will imitate what he sees you do throughout your day.
    Yes, there are lots of toys that advertisements make you think you canÂ’t live without, but they usually end up buried in the bottom of the toy box and needing batteries. Wooden toys will probably be played with daily and you wonÂ’t have to buy a huge supply of batteries. The money you save on batteries can buy a wooden toy that your child and perhaps even your grandchild will treasure.

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